Our Story

The Bakers of Heaven are a team of passionate bread lovers with years of baking experience. A heavenly hand brought us together in 2017 to give birth to a novel idea of bringing the most amazing varieties of Persian breads to Australian tables.

We started this wonderful journey by setting up a specialised artisan bakery in Kilmore, Victoria. We spent months to develop the healthiest and most flavoursome recipes using meticulously handpicked ingredients.

We only use chemical-free and certified sustainable flours supplied by Wholegrain Milling. Our ASP certified flours are free from chemical contaminants such as pesticides and herbicides, whilst containing higher nutrients volume than conventional flours.

Only the finest of French Grapeseed Oil and Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil are included in our recipes.

However, what binds these amazing ingredients together is the abundance of love we put into our artisan style baking of authentic Persian breads.

Our breads are oven baked and free from preservatives, colours, flavours and other chemical additives. We have consistently achieved a health star rating of 4 for our breads.

We hope you enjoy the dietary benefits of our delicious breads.