We are a team of bread lovers passionate about introducing Australians to an amazing array of authentic Persian breads.

A heavenly hand brought us together to create an artisan bakery in Kilmore, Victoria.

Persian Sangak Bread

Sangak means ‘pebble’ in the Persian language. Considered the national bread of Iran, Sangak bread is traditionally baked on a bed of hot pebbles in a tanoor (oven).

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Persian Barbari Bread

Barbari bread is a very popular Persian flatbread.

It is one of the thickest flatbread with a crusty top, tender texture and unique taste.

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Persian Lavash Bread

A soft, thin flatbread traditionally baked in a clay oven, Persian Lavash offers a tremendous variety in flavour and texture in Iranian cuisine.

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Persian Taftoon Bread

Taftoon is a fragrant flatbread made with milk and yoghurt, flavoured with saffron and cardamom. Seeds are sometimes added for decoration.

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Amazing pure ingredients brought together with an abundance of love!

Best quality, beautiful tasting bread.